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Uncommon Romance by Jove Belle

Uncommon Romance by Jove Belle

Book Title:  Uncommon Romance: Three Erotic Novellas
Author: Jove Belle
Genre: Lesbian Erotica


Happily ever after doesn’t look the same for every couple.

In Raw Silk, June and Ashlyn Phillips, happily married, occasionally enjoy adding another dynamic to their sex life. When Katerina “Kat” VanderVort enters June’s office one day, she sets her sights on June. Lucky for her, Ashlyn loves to indulge her wife’s fantasies.

In On Her Knees, Simone Davies is finally happy. That is, until her chief tormentor and biggest crush, Abby Nelson, shows up at her firm’s holiday party. Together they struggle to forget the past and build a future together.

In Hollis, homicide detective Jude Lassiter pushes a little too hard, and her instructor at a FBI anti-terrorism training session, Special Agent Beverly Hollis, knows exactly how to punish her. Jude is all too willing to submit.

Danielle's Review
Jove Belle's “Uncommon Romance” is a collection of three F/F short stories. Each of the three stories is super sexy in it's own way. Story #1, “Raw Silk,” has a delightful F/F/F three-way. I'm not usually a fan of open marriage stories, but I liked this one. Story #2, “On Her Knees,” was really close to home for me. I think we've all had that one crush that made us miserable yet we wanted them anyway. Story #3, “Hollis,” has a harder edge to it, with some hot dominant/submissive nookie. I loved it! 5 out of 5 

Author Information:
Jove Belle lives in Vancouver, Washington with her wife and children. Her books include Uncommon Romance, Love and Devotion, Indelible, Chaps, Split the Aces, and Edge of Darkness. They are available from Bold Strokes Books.

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