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Last Resort by Kate Roth

Last Resort by Kate Roth (book #1 of the Desire Resort series)
Release Date: August 19th 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance

Danielle Ward hasn’t had sex in six years. Sure, she’s been on dates. She even has a boyfriend, but it seems something is always getting in the way when it comes to doing the deed.
After her boyfriend finally loses his patience and leaves her to drown her sorrows, her best friend Georgia comes up with a plan that becomes more and more brilliant with each shot of tequila.
Book a non-refundable solo trip to an adults-only resort with the intention of getting laid.
The beach is picturesque, her room is luxurious, the alcohol is included … and Danielle can’t wait to get the hell out of there the second she checks in. That is, until an uninvited kiss from drunken hotel guest and Hollywood hottie Evan Weston. Once Evan discovers the reason for Danielle’s vacation, he won’t let up in his pursuit to be the one to solve her problem.
Caught between her desire for a fresh start and the preposterous idea of having a fling with her celebrity crush, Danielle decides it’s time to throw caution to the wind and her panties to the floor.
But it’s never just sex, is it? And Evan Weston isn’t just any man. He isn’t just a movie star.
Evan Weston is Danielle’s last resort.

My Review
This book is HOT! I love a great romance but you add in a sexy movie star and a hotel where sex is encouraged and I'm in! Danielle has had a SERIOUS dry spell. Six years is way too long to go without sex! She gets drunk with her BFF and books a vacation to Desire Resort and Spa in Mexico. She hopes that she'll be able to get someone to have sex with and end her dry spell. She hears rumors that her favorite movie star is also staying at the resort but she doesn't buy it. Then she runs into him in the most surprising way. What happens next is jaw dropping. I don't do spoilers, as you know.  So let me say this, READ THIS BOOK! Seriously, I laughed out loud at some parts. Kate knows how to write some really compelling characters. I couldn't put the book down. 5++ out of 5!

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A brunette a few barstools down from me in a neon green one-piece that had square holes cut out up her ribs giggled. She tucked one side of her short, angular bob behind her ear. “I swear I saw him,” she whispered to her friend, a skinny blonde with a tattoo of a rose on her lower back.

I swallowed a gulp of my icy drink and continued to listen to their conversation.

“I’ve heard he comes here sometimes, but isn’t he dating that model? Miranda something?” Tramp Stamp replied.

The brunette shook her head. “No, he was married to Kimberly Jackson. He dates just about anything with tits, usually models, but he hasn’t been linked to anyone in months.”

The blonde chirped a laugh. “Stalk much?”

“I’ll freely admit that I keep tabs on Evan Weston. And if he happens to be staying here, my stalking could get me the ultimate hookup.”

The two friends swatted at each other playfully and laughed before strutting over to the pool. Evan Weston. My mouth went dry. No fucking way.

Because of my lack of experience one might think I also lacked fantasies, but it was quite the opposite. I might’ve been locked up tighter than the president’s panic room, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t get down to business with myself. I mean, a girl’s gotta fall asleep. I knew what an orgasm felt like thanks to my battery operated pals and I knew what kinds of things turned me on. Dirty dreams came to me every now and then and I had a number of books on my e-reader that I wouldn’t show my grandmother. I used to think that was how I could loosen up for my boyfriends—for Kyle. Read something sexy, have a glass of wine and then voila! Presto-sex-o!

Nope. My logical brain was too many steps ahead of me every time I tried to trick my anxiety away. Kyle wasn’t the hero. He wasn’t the sexy, gruff alpha male written on the page and he wasn’t one of the celebrity crushes I conjured up in my mind on the nights I felt so frustrated I thought I would explode.

But Evan Weston was.

Interview with Kate Roth:
I've had the pleasure of getting to know Kate over the past year! She's a great friend and has helped me grow as a blogger and author. We sat down and had a short conversation about her new book, sex, and life in general.

BB: If your book was to become a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?KR: Danielle would be Alexis Knapp and Evan (it’s so hard to choose just ONE guy for him!!) would probably be Ryan Gosling.

BB: Tell us something unique about you (that can’t be found in your author bio).
KR: I’ve been known to be a little crafty! I make my own cleaning products and some bath products. I really love making all natural items with essential oils and simple ingredients. J

BB: Who is your fictional character crush (Movie, TV, Literary)?
KR: Do I have to pick ONE?! I have a ton of TV boyfriends (haha it’s kind of a running joke with my husband) but I’m going to go with Sawyer from LOST.

BB: How do you connect with readers? Do you really like it when they contact you?
KR: I get to connect with my readers a lot on Facebook and Twitter and at events. I LOVE IT! I love talking to readers whether they’ve read my books or not. I adore the indie romance reader community.

BB: How did you choose the cover of your book?
KR: I found the photo for the Last Resort cover a very long time ago. I probably had one chapter written and hadn’t told a soul I was working on it. When I saw that ‘crotch shot’ I knew it was the cover! Once the book was close to being finished and I knew it was going to release, I got scared that it was way too much but everyone encouraged me that it fit the story perfectly. I love this cover!

BB: What is the strangest/most unique place you’ve had sex?
KR: The woods.

BB: If someone asked you to recommend a “sexual aid”, what would it be?
KR: Lingerie, sexy music, soft lighting and the occasional rumbling battery operated device.

BB: If you could offer one piece of advice to a prospective author, what would it be?
KR: Always be a writer first and an author second. Write because you love it and follow it to a career because you want to.

BB: Do you have any future projects in the works?
KR: Too many to count!! I have at least 3 ideas I’m working on for erotic romances, upwards of 3 contemporary romances, and 2 New Adult ideas!

This has been so much fun! I just have a few other things I'd like to ask, kind of like a lightening round.

McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Book or Kindle? Book
Vibrator or dildo? Vibrator
Missionary or doggy style? Doggy
Dogs or Cats? Dogs (this feels weird coming after the last question hah)
Favorite dessert? Tiramisu
Favorite book now? Collide by Gail McHugh

Thanks so much for spending time with me! I love Last Resort and I know your readers will too!

Author Bio
Inspired by music, film, art and the wealth of stories she has heard through her career as a professional hair stylist, Kate Roth decided to get real about her love of writing in 2008. She signed up for a course after-hours at the local high school called 'So You Want To Write A Book?'. Indeed, she did! For years Kate had been dreaming up love stories in her head and she'd even managed to write a few of them down but it was that class that gave her the drive to finally do something more with her ideas.

The ideas haven't stopped flowing since. She enjoys writing in all sub-genres of romance and even has a few surprises up her sleeve for the future. Her other titles include New Adult Romance; The Low Notes, Paranormal New Adult Romance; Reckless Radiance, and Contemporary Romances; Natural Harmony and Sway (from the Confession Records collection). She is a small business owner and lives in Indiana with her husband, Adam and their dog, Sampson.

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