Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Watch Me Walk Away by Jill Prand-Review

At the age of seventeen, Lisa was broken when Bobby left. He was suppose to be her first. First Love. First Time. First Everything. No word for six long years. She moved away from the painful reminders sacrificing her relationship with her best friend Brad. She struggled to rebuild her life.Now six years later she returns as a strong, successful woman grabbing a job at one of New York’s hottest marketing agencies. She is dating a gorgeous guy with his eyes on a corner office. But it all changes when she sees Bobby again.Can she risk another heartbreak from Bobby? Will she be able to repair her friendship with Brad? Lisa will have to decide between the man she's with, and the two men that want her.Who will she be with, and who will she tell to "Watch Me Walk Away?"

My Review:
When I started this book, I expected to have a sweet story with a couple twists. This book is so much more than that. Lisa has had her heart shattered by the one boy she trusted most. She has tried to rebuild her life and find love, but has been unsuccessful. She is back in New York, living with a friend, dating a former client who seems to be really nice, and working at her dream job. Then her friends get together for a celebration and she sees the one who left her in high school.

Bobby claims that he has always loved Lisa and that he left her to spare her the heartache and worry while he was in the Army. Now he has his sights on getting her back. Lisa is reluctant to trust him, but she feels the undeniable pull.

I couldn't put this book down! I felt a connection to Lisa right away and I was cheering for her from the start. The Epilogue hints at a follow-up story from Brad's POV. I sincerely hope so! 5 out of 5!!

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