Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Midnight Caller by NJ Cole-Review

Rebecca Summers enjoys pleasing herself with the curtains open. When a mysterious stranger calls to tell her that he is watching, fantasy becomes reality as she begins to perform for him. Following his instructions over the phone while he watches from afar, she finds herself craving more. 

Oliver Durant has always been drawn to humans to exert the dominance and control his kind needs to feel alive. While secretly observing her and calling nightly, he can’t seem to get enough of Rebecca, whom he refers to as butterfly. His urges with her are stronger than the need to dominate, as he is driven to possess her in every way. 

Both of their worlds are turned upside down when they finally meet and she agrees to enter into a Dominant/submissive relationship with her Midnight Caller.

My Review:
Hot. The first word that comes to mind to describe Midnight Caller is HOT. If you aren't into BDSM then this book is not for you. Bec is a single woman who has sworn off men. Oliver is not human but finds himself inexplicably drawn to Bec. She agrees to be his submissive without laying eyes on him. What ensues is page after page of hot sex. Oliver teaches Bec about Dominance and Submission and she finds that she wants to know more. She wants to please hi. Oliver has an amazing support system in his family and they help him discover his deeper feelings for Bec. I liked this book a lot. NJ Cole writes in the first-person, which I like a lot, allowing us to really experience everything with the characters. If you are looking for a book with a lot of steamy sex scenes, then be sure you don't miss Midnight Caller!  4.5 out of 5!!

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