Review Policy

All books that are reviewed were either purchased by me or given to me from the author or publisher. Free books are not accepted in return for a review. 

If you want to send me your book to review, please Like my Facebook page and/or Follow me on Twitter. I will not promote books for anyone who does not support me back. I prefer the .mobi format as I use the Kindle app. ARCs should be sent to I review books in the order they are received, unless I am part of a blog tour and there are deadlines associated with it.

All reviews are my HONEST opinion, and I will not compromise on that. I will read each book submitted for review in its entirety. If you want to know what I think, send me your book. I will give 1 through 5 mustaches (my daughter is into them right now)! 

1 mustache--not the book for me
2 mustaches--not bad, but I wouldn't read it again
3 mustaches--pretty good, I will probably see what else this author has written
4 mustaches--great and I would recommend to my friends
5 mustaches--I will read this book again and again and you should too!

I hope you will find this helpful in choosing the books you want to read!

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