Monday, December 15, 2014

Don't Tempt Me by Kimberly Nee

She was supposed to play matchmaker for him. She never expected to want him for herself. 

Daniela Bertalan loves to matchmake so when the wife of an old childhood friend—who also happens to be the King of Mordainia—asks her to help make a match for the king’s half-brother, Daniela is happy to assist. Happy that is, until she meets Luka Morovic. 

General Luka Morovic is less than thrilled when the king asks him to keep an eye on their guest. The last thing he wants, or needs is to keep watch over a spoiled, pampered lady. But he is pleasantly surprised to find Daniela is neither spoiled nor pampered. Instead, she is spirited and unlike any other woman he has ever met, and a friendship he never expected quickly comes to life. 

But when that friendship appears to be growing into something more, Daniela knows she needs to put a stop to it. She’s made a promise to match him with another and knows she must step aside. And in doing so, she just might ruin what might be her last chance for true happiness.

Danielle's Review

Kimberly Nee’s “Don’t Tempt Me” is a hot historical novel. The character development is really good. I love Luka, the leading man, er…super hawtie general. Daniela, the leading lady, is a go-getter, very industrious for the time period. The nookie scenes are double-triple smoking caliente! I wonder what else Nee has written? Time to go check her out!  4 out of 5

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