Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Caught in the Middle by Kira Barker

For years now, resident surgeon Erin Slater has been focused on her career. Sexual frustration has her on edge, and it seems like a wet dream come true when her best friend Jack and his roommate Simon offer to help her scratch that itch. Their afternoon of debauchery leaves her yearning for more, particularly to explore her submissive side - a craving that Simon, an experienced Dom himself, is only too happy to satisfy. But there’s also Jack, who she’s closer to than anyone else in the world. When emotions factor into the equation, things get complicated, forcing Erin to make a decision which man she will choose – but why can’t she have both? 

Dive into this vivid tale of friendship, lust, love, bondage, dominance, and submission. Intended for mature audiences.

Danielle's Review

Kira Barker’s “Caught in the Middle” is the first book in the “We Kinky Three” series. There is a lot of hot and very rough sex in this one. Some domination with flogging and caning, some M/M action, and some M/M/F menage action. There’s even one time when there’s some vanilla M/F sex in there. Jack and Simon are hot guys – kind of like Christian Grey or Gideon Cross got split into two different men and Erin, the leading submissive lady, needs them both. If you’re not a fan of very hard core domination, be careful, this quickly becomes a dozens of welts and bruises kind of thing. 3.5 out of 5!

About the Author
Kira Barker has always enjoyed telling stories. It has kept her sane through high school and college, and has become a true passion since. A geek gamer girl herself, she feels at home reading sci-fi and fantasy as much as writing romance. She likes her plots gritty, her smut realistic, and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty when it comes to research. When she's not writing, she loves annoying her cats or cruising country roads on her motorcycle.

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