Friday, March 21, 2014

Releasing Me by Jewel E. Ann Cover Reveal


A tragic accident. A hidden past. An unbreakable love.

Never goodbye

I thought Addy stole my soul.

Her beauty blinded me.
Her heart called to me.
Her touch healed me. 

She gave everything and asked for nothing. Then I broke her. The depths of her pain were veiled by the reflection of my own. I didnt deserve her, but I wanted her––I needed her. In my darkest hell, I heard her voice. Thats when I knew

Addy was my soul.

Deep breath I am peaceful, I am strong.

Quinn was worth the risk.

He took away the numbness and gave me unfathomable pleasure. Every emotion felt magnified, every moment felt like the last.

My heart found purpose.
My body came to life.
My soul returned.

His weakness gave me strength, and his past held my future. He saved me by releasing me.

Release Date 4/18

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1st excerpt:

After they exited the room, Addy sat on the edge of the bed and held my hand. Eyes wet and dull, I could see her fighting back tears.
"Baby, I'll be ffine."
 Those four words broke her open, and the biggest tears fell down her face. Her body was still as she held her breath to keep from sobbing. I wanted to reach up and wipe away her tears, but I was too weak. Moving any part of my body was a challenge and any attempt caused pain.
"Come here," I whispered.
She hesitated at first then leaned into me until our foreheads were touching. It was an intimate gesture that we had between us. It acknowledged our unspoken emotions, even if we weren't ready to share them. Addy had a lot she wasn't ready to share.

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