Monday, September 16, 2013

Searching for Moore by Julie Richman-Review

Book 1 of the Needing Moore Series
Attended by reality TV star wannabes and Southern California social climbers, Schooner Moore knows the party his wife is throwing for his forty-third birthday has little to do with him and everything to do with her social standing in Orange County. The evening turns out to hold more surprises than just his wife's Botoxed friends groping at his privates, when a conversation with his old college roommate, Beau, reveals the biggest surprise of the night. 

Beau has had contact on Facebook with Mia Silver. Just hearing her name sends Schooner into a tailspin, as he is now just a Friend Request away from the one who got away when she disappeared without a goodbye, leaving him wondering why she left.

A serial failure at romance, Manhattan boutique ad agency owner, Mia, gets a blindside of her own when a Facebook Friend Request from first love, Schooner, appears in her email. Going with her gut reaction, Mia hits accept, propelling her past to catch up with her in a New York minute, as a forceful Schooner is determined to understand what tore them apart and to explore the possibility of a second chance at love.

From a 1980's Southern California college campus and a devastating first love to present day New York City, Searching for Moore explores how technology has eradicated the divide between our past and our present, and asks whether you would give up everything to reconnect with The One in a single keystroke?

My review:
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. We join Schooner at his birthday party, but the majority of the book is his story of college when he met Mia, the love of his life. We experience the love, relationship, betrayal, manipulation, and heartbreak that Schooner goes through. We know that he was a child model and felt like he had to hide behind a mask, until he met Mia. She is different than any other girls he knows because she sees through his facade. Mia is a young (age 16) college freshman more than 3000 miles away from home. She is a tough New Yorker, but she doesn't fit in with the California girls. Schooner has been with CJ his entire adolescence, but he knows she is not the right woman for him. When she leaves for Winter Interim, Schooner takes a class that Mia happens to be in. They start a relationship that changes the course of their lives.

When they reconnect on Facebook, they are finally able to be honest with each other. What happens next is amazing, but you will have to read the book. It does end in a cliffhanger, so be prepared for that. The next book, Moore to Lose, will be available soon! 4 out of 5!!

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