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Something Great by M. Clarke-Blog Tour/Review/Author Interview

My Review:
Jenna is such a sweet girl. She has really great friends who are there for her. She has a douchebag boyfriend who doesn't appreciate what he's got and takes her for granted. Then Jenna and Becky (her roommate and BFF) see a hot guy while out for dinner. As many of us would do, Jenna stares and likes what she sees, but doesn't expect to see him again.

After a good job interview, she runs into the hot guy again. They have lunch and he declares them "lunch buddies." Jenna thinks he's hot, but doesn't think he would be interested in her.

Max is coming off a bad relationship and sees a beautiful woman. He wants to know her better. He finds ways to run into her and eventually gets her to agree to go out with him. He starts to have feelings for her that surprise him.

The story unfolds and Jenna and Max are drawn to each other. They have their relationship ups and downs and some pretty hot sex. Jenna has to learn to trust and Max has to learn to communicate. 

This is a sweet love story. I enjoyed reading it and I really liked the girlfriends. I hope to read more from this author very soon! 4 out of 5!

Author Interview:

I am SO excited to have M. Clarke on the blog today! She has been gracious enough to answer a few questions for us.

Please tell us about your journey into writing and publishing.

I started writing, Crossroads Saga when my grandmother passed away. It was a way for me to heal. When I got many positive feedbacks, I wanted to continue the saga, Between, Beyond, and coming soon-Sept. 12th- Eternity and Halo City. I’m with a small publisher, but with Something Great-new adult-I decided to go self-pub.

If your book was to become a movie, who would you cast as the main characters? 

Henry Cavill would play Max and Nina Dobrev would play Jenna.

Tell us something unique about you (that can’t be found in your author bio).

I’ve taught kindergarten for almost 20 years. I’m a founding member of an Asian sorority UCI—Kappa Zeta Phi. I was in a dance team in high school and we even traveled to Japan to compete.

How do you connect with readers? Do you really like it when they contact you?

Yes…their emails fuels my energy to make book 2 even better. I chat on facebook with them…maybe too much…lol!

How did you choose the cover of your book?

Depending on the story. The red tie is very significant to the story and I wanted it to stand out so my friend suggested that it be black and white and make the tie stand out.

Writing and editing can sometimes be exhausting. How do you relax?

I don’t…just kidding. I watch movies, go shopping, talk on facebook, and eat breakfast or lunch with friends.

 If you could offer one piece of advice to a prospective author, what would it be?

Don’t think about it. Sit down on the computer and start writing. Many people think about it, but they think they don’t have time. If you dedicated even a little bit of time everyday, you can accomplish so much.

Do you have any future projects in the works?

Eternity-book 4 and Halo city-novella--YA, Crossroad Saga is coming out September 12th. I have a young adult novel, From Gods, about Greek descendants coming soon. Book 2 of Something Great called Something Wonderful coming out February 10, 2014 and I’m also working on another new adult novel-maybe stand alone.

Quick Fire Questions

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Book or Kindle? Book but I love my kindle when I go on vacation.

Dogs or Cats? Dogs. I have a maltese named Mochi

Favorite dessert?
Ice cream

Favorite book growing up?
Judy Blume series and V.C. Andrews

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