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Forget Me Not by Sarah Daltry-Blog Tour/Review/Giveaway

Lily had a crush on her brother's best friend, Derek for years - which led to their steamy night ten months ago in her bedroom. Now, Lily is going off to college and she and Derek are still going strong. However, when school starts, she realizes it's hard to maintain a relationship while also trying to live her own life. She and Derek find themselves falling apart and Lily has no idea where to turn.

Enter Jack. Everything about him is wrong for Lily and she knows it, but she can't stop herself from being attracted to him. When things implode with Derek, it's Jack who is there to pick up the pieces - and show Lily an entirely new set of experiences she didn't know she was missing.

Of course, Jack has his own problems and once Lily gets to know him better, she starts to wonder if she can handle all of Jack. When Derek reappears on the scene, Lily is forced to decide between two guys and herself. Can she find herself without losing the people who matter in the process?

**New Adult Contemporary Romance. Due to language & sexual content, this book is recommended for readers 17 & older**

My Review
At first, I felt sorry for Lily. She was away from home for the first time, away from her boyfriend, and didn't know anybody at college. She is so hung up on Derek that she doesn't really make an effort to get involved in her surroundings. Then she turned into a whiney, clinging girl, accusing Derek of cheating on her and being a jealous girlfriend. Derek seems to be trying to get involved at his school, where he is a sophomore. Lily expects him to spend every weekend with her and he wants to do his own thing sometimes.

So, I start to like Lily a little less. She's bitchy and moody. She also seems to like to drown her sorrows in sex. I'm not sure why since she has only been with Derek. She runs into Jack in different places around campus and is drawn to him. He seems like a "Bad Boy" and she is curious about him. When she and Derek break up, she runs to Jack to help her forget, then she falls into his bed.

Jack is an interesting character. We don't really know how old he is, but he is obviously very experienced with sex. I didn't know anyone in college who had sex toys in their room but I wish I would have! Jack has a past that he is ashamed of and is allowing to form his personality.

This book follows Lily as she tries to navigate her first semester of college. She seems to try to get herself together after being confronted by Derek and Jack at the same time. The story ends with Christmas break, leaving me to wonder if there will be more to this story. I want to know more about Jack and how he reconciles his family life with Lily. 3.5 out of 5.

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Author Bio:
Sarah Daltry writes erotica and romance. She's never happy staying in one place. When she isn't writing, she's usually looking for new and creative ways to waste time. Right now, those include shooting virtual monsters on Xbox, searching the internet for cat pictures, and watching terrible reality TV.  

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1.      “Amsterdam” – Guster:
I have to admit I was a year or two out of college, I think, when this song came out, but it reminds me so much of school and it is a great break up song. Not depressing, just more accepting of the way things change. I think it captures the theme of the novel pretty well.
2.      “Beautiful Girl” – INXS:
For me, this song captures the way that Jack feels about Lily – he wants to be good enough for her, but he also knows his own story is tough to face. He wants to love her, but he doesn’t think he deserves real love.
3.      “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” – Smashing Pumpkins:
Oh, this song. There are three reasons I chose this. First, at one point during a sex scene, Lily mentions that the music playing is violently angry. This is the kind of music I pictured for that scene. Secondly, Jack is in a band and this is the kind of music I imagine they play, and the lyrics would be the sort Jack would write. He definitely would see himself as a “rat in a cage.” Finally, I wrote a book about college. I went to college in the 1990’s. There was no way I wasn’t mentioning Smashing Pumpkins! Lol. J
4.      “Somewhere Only We Know” – Keane:
The novel is romance and it is erotica, but it is also about letting go and moving on. This song reminds me of that moment when you know everything is falling apart, but you want to hang on and make things go back to the way they were before. Lily can’t understand what is happening and she isn’t sure she is ready for everything to end yet.
5.      “When You Were Young” – The Killers:

In some ways, this is self-explanatory, but I love the lyrics for this novel. Not only is the song about moving on, but it is also about saving yourself and not hoping someone else can save you. 


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