Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review-The Wingman Chronicles by James Holeva

My Review
When I first picked up this book, I really wasn't sure what to expect. To be honest, I'm not sure I believe that all of these stories are true. However, it was an entertaining read. There were times when I needed to fan myself to cool off because some of these stories are HOT. Some, not so much. Seems to me this would be a book that a guy would enjoy reading, or even made into a TV show, which apparently may be happening. Overall, I felt that James portrayed himself as a player and found ways to justify his behavior. Which, is not necessarily a bad thing. If these women had any inkling that their encounter was going to be more than a one night stand, they are stupid. You can't blame a guy for getting some from the willing. I think Noelle is my favorite character and I'd really like to talk with her! 3 out of 5.

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Author Bio:
James Holeva, aka "The Wingman" is a filthy comedian/author/actor/lothario who enjoys having sex in bedrooms, backseats & bathroom stalls. His humorous, erotic, autobiographical novel "The Wingman Chronicles" has gained a legion of fans all over the world, and been described as a male version of fifty shades without the fantasy elements. The bad boy's raw and in-your-face way with words extends to his energetic standup comedy shows which have more the atmosphere of a rock concert than a typical comedy show. In addition to his abilities as a writer, his shows are always different as he uses his charm and rapid-fire wit to keep the audience guessing, laughing, and blushing. Holeva sells out shows all over the country, answers sex questions in his #askwingman Q & A portion of the show and has his female fans fighting over being included in his signature on-stage spanking encore. He was voted 2013 reader's choice best comedian by The Weekender readers.
 As an actor he starred in "The Wingman" TV Pilot, which he also wrote and produced, and it just won Best Pilot at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Holeva is hard at work touring the United States doing standup, as well as writing and of course researching his next book. He's currently working on putting together a film based on "The Wingman Chronicles," as well as has plans to record a standup comedy DVD, and tour abroad. His meet and greet/book signings are as crazy as his shows as he usually signs as many boobs as he does books, and asses too of course.                                                                                              
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  1. Okay so can you elaborate more on why you rated it a 3 star? You said it was hot and entertaining? I guess your review is kind of lacking.......

    1. I gave it a 3 star because while it was hot and entertaining in some parts, most of the time I kept rolling my eyes and couldn't really get into it. It was "too much" at times. I don't want to use any spoilers, which made it difficult to write the review.