Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review--Unbound, The Entwined Series: #1 by Debra Hyde, Lacey Michaels, Cecilia Tan, Lissa Trevor

When I received this book I wasn't sure what to expect except some hot sex. I was not disappointed! I was surprised that this is really 4 books in 1. It starts off with the story of Charity arriving back home in New York from a trip to Ireland. She receives an email that gives her pause to make a life-altering decision. Now, this is when things get interesting. You, as the reader, choose what path Charity takes. There are 4 decisions you get to choose from, all written by different authors. The characters remain the same in each version, but the decisions are all different and take Charity down different paths. I haven't read a choose-your-own ending book since the 1980s but I found that I really liked it. I read all 4 different stories and I think I know which one is my favorite. However, I'm not going to tell you which one it is or what the stories are like. You will have to read the book yourself. I will tell you that in each story the sex is HOT HOT HOT! Some of the hottest I've read recently. This is not a book for the timid or first-time erotica reader. I would recommend this book for those who are looking for something different, especially since you get 4 books for 1 price! 4 out of 5!

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