Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review--Vigilant by Angel Lawson

I received Vigilant as an ARC from the author. The story of Ari, a social worker in the probation department and Davis, the director of a youth program starts out like any other story. Ari is doing her job, which is demanding and stressful (like all social work jobs) and goes to a club to blow off some steam. She meets this stranger and ends up making out with him in the hallway. The next day she goes about her life as usual. This is where things take a turn. Without giving too many details, Ari's relationship with Davis gets complicated and a mystery unfolds that involves them both. I found myself so into this story that I finished the book in 1 day. I liked that Ari is a social worker (I am too), which you don't see often in romance novels. She is tough even in the face of danger, not willing to be "taken care of" by a man. I enjoy books with a strong female lead and Vigilant is definitely one of these books. 4 out of 5!

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